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Alex Meyer Events is a boutique wedding planning and design company that specializes in custom experiences and comfortably elegant events. Our collaborative approach means I'm supporting you, combining adept communication, honed production skills, and discerning design with your unique vision and goals. Together, we start with who you are and how you want your wedding to feel, using that foundation to create a personal, intimate environment whether you have forty guests or three hundred.

Here, the little details speak to a bigger celebration. It's about a collective "thank you and we're glad you're here" to your guests. It's about the moments when your aunt says "this is so Emily and George." It's about using grandpa's crystal cake stands, playing mom and dad's wedding song, using ribbon you found in grandma's sewing kit, and serving your family's staple dish. Ribbon, napkins, flowers, chairs, escort cards, and bridesmaids’ dresses: they don't all have to mean something. Together, though, they surround your first moments of marriage. So rather than disregard those special touches, we dream of ways to highlight them, ways to set them apart, and ways to regain details and personal moments befitting of your first moments of marriage.



Here, the process is part of the celebration.

I take a limited number of couples each year to ensure you are free to focus on your engagement and the parts of planning that bring you joy, while knowing I am at hand, fully tending to your dream day.

My goal: to fill you with hopeful anticipation
and make you giddy about what we’re bringing together.



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