Making Things Happen Recap

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. What could be better than time away from our busy lives to eat delicious food with our favorite people and reflect on what we’re grateful for and the people we’re thankful for. I love that Thanksgiving helps us gain that perspective and grateful spirit before we head into Christmas! This year, I’m extra thankful for the perspective and growth I experienced at Making Things Happen and the life I’ve been able to make happen in the last month!

I signed up for Making Things Happen in March with no clue what to expect from the conference and no clue what the next seven months had in store. This summer was full of wonderful weddings, editorial shoots, and travel all over Virginia and Maryland to work with my fabulous couples. But it was also full of late work nights, early mornings, no time building community, and no focused rest. I had no idea Making Things Happen would speak to these things and breathe life into my schedule. I can’t recommend the experience highly enough (sign up for the March intensive here)!! Every person there came away with tangible, reasonable tools for how to make life happen where you are right now, not where you dream you’ll be in two years. 

-Live on purpose. How can you structure your time, create boundaries, protect your work hours, and guard your play hours to make life happen? I now have clear work hours, specific nights for client meetings, specific nights for back-end business tasks, and specific nights for Stephen and something fun with friends. I am SO much more productive with boundaries in place than I was giving my business a free-for-all over my life! I’m more joyful and more focused which makes my business more comfortable and purposeful.

-Stop the scroll. This one comes from the wonderful Rhi of Hey Gorgeous Events. Social media can be a great tool for business and for making connections within the industry, but it’s too easy to just scroll through and compare yourself with everyone else and feel worse instead of inspired. So I’m stopping the mindless scrolling and using social media as an intentional tool, not a negativity-ridden distraction.

-Do more of what fires you up. For me, this means sharing more of my personality and life, doing more creative projects and story telling, spending more time unplugged with my friends and husband, and figuring out how to blog, Instagram, and whatever else in a way that excites me. If you’re not excited about it, no one will be excited about it! I absolutely love what I do and the people I get to work with and do life with, so I am going to do more of what fires me up and love people better!

-Progress over perfection. These are weighty phrases and challenging changes to make. I’m nowhere near perfect at any of this, but the little by little progress is changing my attitude, encouraging my spirit, and fostering productivity and community.  We have to show ourselves grace and leave room for the hard work to happen. Little by little, friends. 

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the leadership of the ladies of Making Things Happen and the growth they foster. I’m grateful for the couples I’ve been blessed to celebrate with, the creatives I’ve had the privilege of working with, the friends who have encouraged me through the busyness, and my incredible husband who was right there, helping make it all happen.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!