Gift Guide: For the Bride To Be

With Christmas fast approaching (two weeks?!), I've put together my favorite last minute gift ideas for the bride to be in your life! Whether you are the best friend, mother of the bride, or fiance, this collection of gifts has something meaningful and gorgeous for you to gift your favorite bride to be this Christmas. 

From the GROOM TO BE: The Mrs Box


These gorgeous, antique French velvet ring boxes embody everything that is powerful about heirlooms: grace, romance, and legacy. What a romantic sentiment to gift your love a beautiful home to store her most treasured piece and to create a new family heirloom to be passed on for generations to come!


The Southern Weddings Planner is a new planning tool designed to help a bride organize her inspiration and focus on what matters most. The cover says it all: Love Never Fails. This statement is near and dear to AM Events and my brides. I can't wait to get my hands on one!



This Love Freely Mug is a simple but incredibly significant gift. When your daughter fills her cup first thing every morning, she will see these words and remember to love her husband freely, without a score board or tally list of wrongs, regardless of what's deserved or what the day will bring. What a beautiful source of encouragement to give your daughter! Pair it with a handwritten letter imparting some of your most valued marriage insight and it will be something she treasures for years to come.



Some of my most valued possessions are family photos of my parents and I when I was younger (that's my dad and I!). The other is a letter my dad wrote me before I went to college. Combine the two and you have a Father of the Bride gift that will blow your daughter away. Find your favorite photo of the two of you from her childhood and have it framed at a custom frame site (like Framebridge) for her new home. Then write her a letter with all your love and fatherly wisdom and stick it in the back of the frame. She will forever have a reminder of your love and support on her walls and a place to go to for encouragement when you might be out of reach. 

Gifting is one of my favorite things to do. I love finding the perfect, meaningful gift to give everyone on my list. I hope this helps make your giving a little easier and full of a little more love! Here's a hint at how much I love these gifts: they're all on my list! 

Happy gifting and Merry Christmas, friends!!