Make It Your Own: Bridesmaids Dresses

There are so many things to consider when choosing bridesmaids dresses. Even with all of the options out there, picking the right dress or dresses can be a really challenging decision. The good news is there is so much flexibility in how to style a bridal party today! There are beautiful dresses in a wide variety of colors and styles, perfect for both the bride who wants to mix and match dresses and for the bride who wants one great dress for the whole bridal party. 

The main things I hear brides consider when looking for dresses are style and color, body type, re-wearability, and cost. Here are some tips for navigating each category.

Style and color: You want the style and color of the bridesmaid's dresses to fit your wedding. If you are planning a casual garden wedding, a one shoulder, floor length, black silk gown is probably not the best choice. Try finding a style you like before narrowing in on a color. Chances are it will come in a color that will fit wonderfully with your design. 

Body type: Be considerate of the body types you are dressing. If you want your bridal party in the same dress, take a few of your bridesmaids with different body types shopping with you. Have them try on dresses and find the one that is most universally flattering. Another great option is to select a fabric and color from a specific store and have each girl choose the dress style they feel most comfortable in.

Re-wearability: This is such an individual preference that I would say not to worry too much about it. I have dresses from weddings I've been in that are great, but I won't wear too often simply because they aren't the style or color I normally wear, and that's okay. If this is your top priority, don't fell constricted to one dress or one color. It is becoming more common to see bridal parties in completely different dress styles and colors. 

Cost: Be sensitive to the cost of a dress, but if the right dress is more than you were hoping, consider letting the bridal party choose their own shoes and accessories to help them manage their budgets individually. If cost is the biggest consideration for you, a good option is to let your bridesmaids find their own dresses in whichever color you choose.

Start by prioritizing the different categories based on your specific bridal party's needs and situations and work from there. Don't confine yourself to people's expectations of a bridal party. Make it yours! 

Some great places to start are J.CREW, Bella Bridesmaid, BHLDNJenny Yoo, and The Dessy Group. Try your favorite store, too. You never know what you'll find!