Make It Your Own: Handling Family Input

My family is coming to visit soon (woo!) and it's got me reminiscing about ways I could have handled their input differently during our wedding planning process. Your family is excited and has plenty of ideas they want to contribute. There are so many different points of view about where your wedding should be held, what kind of food should be served, what your wedding party should wear, and so on. They prefer the groomsmen in tuxedos but you want a casual garden wedding. They want to use their friends as vendors, but you have your dream vendor in mind. With so many differing ideas, it can be challenging to communicate your vision for your wedding day. Here are some ideas for gracefully handling family input during the planning process.

1. Show them your inspiration. Have your family look through your favorite wedding blogs to help them understand current wedding trends and the direction you want to go with your wedding. Show them your Pinterest board and real wedding features that are similar in style to your vision. Examples of a beautiful garden wedding without tuxedos will help your family understand the groomsmen can still look dashing without formal attire. 

2. Bring them to vendor meetings. Now I'm not saying bring the whole family to every meeting you have but include them in appointments where it makes sense. Bring more people to cake tastings and catering meetings and bring a smaller party like your mom or sister to a floral mock-up and dress fittings. Use the opportunities for more opinions when it's helpful like food and entertainment selections and help them feel involved.

3. Hire a planner. We have the experience, working knowledge, and outside perspective to help communicate both your vision and their expectations. Part of a planners job is to take family input and the desires of the bride and groom and work through them with you. We find the common ground, present compromises when appropriate, and help your family understand how your vision will come together beautifully. 

4. Remember this is a big deal for them. You're getting married! They want you to be both happily married and their little kid again. Use the planning time to go to more lunches with your mom or to practice dancing with your dad. Spending some extra quality time with them before your wedding will make the time that much sweeter. 

Explaining your vision and bringing your family on board isn't always the easiest task. Help them understand how you're making your wedding your own by showing them how your ideas represent you and your fiancé! 

Aren't my parents the cutest?!

Aren't my parents the cutest?!

Happy Tuesday!