The Why

So many people have said how long and tough this week has been. I think it's so important to know when to take a step back and remind ourselves why we're doing what we're doing. For me, it's all about helping people celebrate their marriage!

Marriage is an extraordinary, challenging thing. I believe my marriage is the most important thing I will do. How I approach my marriage is reflected in how I approach every relationship I have, from my future children to the stranger in front of me in traffic. If I don’t have honest communication, earnest forgiveness, and complete trust within my marriage, how will I teach those things to my children? If I am quick to anger with the man I live life with, how will I react to the random driver who cuts me off? If I don’t approach the most intimate relationship I have with humility and grace, how will I have compassion for the person struggling that I have no history with? How I deal with conflict, how I handle disappointment, and how I react to failure. How I communicate love, how I celebrate, and how I lift others up. It all stems from how I treat my husband and how my husband treats me. And that stems from how Christ loves his Church.

There’s nothing more appropriate to me than entering into marriage with a beautiful, personal celebration! I approach weddings as celebrations of the family and friends who helped a couple develop into the people they are, of the moments that led them to their wedding day, of the love they have for one another, and of the vows they’re committing to. All of the flowers, décor, and details work to create a gorgeous environment that reflects a couples’ story and the influence of their closest relationships. Weddings should be meaningful, personal, and fun. That’s why I’m doing this! My goal is to help couples celebrate the start of their marriage well!