For the Bride: Wedding Week Musts

This weekend marks the first AM Events wedding of the season! This particular AME couple loves family, food, and a good dance party so their wedding will be the perfect way to kick off summer! 

All of the week-of preparations have me thinking about a new blog series I'm calling For the Bride. First up, the top three things you should do the week of your wedding!

1. Go on a date with your fiancé. Before your friends and family get in town for the wedding, go on your favorite type of date and spend some quality time together away from the busy-ness. Reminisce about your favorite dating memories or talk about some fun family traditions you want to start. I always tell people you will be surprised how little one on one time you get with your fiancé once the wedding is here. Have some fun together before the events of the weekend get underway!

2. Unplug for a day. Tell anyone who needs to know that you won't be available that day and unplug. Stay off of social media, Pinterest, group texts, wedding emails, etc. for a whole day. With so many different ways to connect, it can feel like we never really slow down or shut off socially. With an event as exciting as your wedding it can be easy to overlook how overwhelmed or exhausted you are. Make the effort to turn off the excess distractions and really relax.

3. Spend time alone. All by yourself. (Did anyone else start singing Celine Dion just then?) Whether it's reading a good book, going on a long run, or floating in the pool for a few hours, spend some time by yourself and take your mind off of wedding things. Try this "must" on your unplugged day. I bet you won't recognize the feeling of really being alone.

The main idea here is to take a step back. Spend some time away from the last minute tweaks and incoming guests to relax and regroup. Turn off the distractions, spend some time with your fiancé, and rest the best way you know how. Another tip: your wedding planner will make these things much easier to do!

The view from our ceremony location. There's a hummingbird in there!

The view from our ceremony location. There's a hummingbird in there!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!