Today is our third anniversary! Three years of doing life with my favorite! Our marriage is the most rewarding, challenging, beautiful thing I'll ever do and I'm forever grateful that Stephen wakes up every morning and chooses to love me. That husband of mine, y'all. He is the best supporter, encourager, and partner. He is my editor, builder, and sounding board. He rarely complains when I ramble for hours, he's patient when I snap at him, and he laughs at my corny jokes.

I vowed to trust and honor Stephen with caring and gentleness. And I know I've failed at that more than I've succeeded. We're here at three years, and we need work. We need more quality time, more follow through, and more compromise. And we'll be at thirty years and need more work. Because doing life with another is complicated and messy and worth it. And I don't always want to be gentle or caring. And I don't always feel giddy when he walks in the door. Vows are more than that. They mean even when. Even when I'm angry or hurt or annoyed. Even then, I will love you and I will be here. Even when I'm mean or ungrateful or selfish. Even then, you will love me and you will be here. 

Marriage takes work and effort and love. And this man is helping me be better. He cares about what frustrates me, what fires me up, and what makes me feel defeated. He fights against my doubt and fear and insecurity. He teaches me to find more joy, more intentional time, and more patience. 

Stephen. You're the best and I love you. Thank you for three!