One Year of AM Events

February 10 is all of a sudden a crazy significant date in the Meyer household. Exactly one year ago, I officially launched Alex Meyer Events! What a year, friends! I have worked with the most fun, genuine, and loving couples and have been immeasurably grateful they opened their first moments of marriage to me. I've met the most talented creatives and have been so humbled by their support and friendship. I have learned so much about myself: why I do this wonderful job, why going out on my own was the right choice, and how my personality and skills fit perfectly with the job descriptions, both anticipated and unexpected.

The heart part, the stepping into an incredibly special, highly emotional time in a family's lives, has been my favorite aspect. Getting to know my couples and tailoring their process to their specific organizational tendencies, their communication styles, and their priorities has solidified my passion for what I do. Understanding why each decision is special and knowing the people, stories, and history each one reflects is the heart and soul of AM Events. It has been an incredible joy to develop throughout year one and refine as we prepare for year two! 

As a mini-celebration, I'm giving you a peek into a few of the gorgeous weddings coming in year two!

A few shoots are coming this spring as well!

I can not wait! There are big things in store: a new home and identity for AM Events, introductions to my new, incredible, incredible team, and a whole lot of dance party breaks and caramel macchiatos. I'm so grateful for year one and giddy with anticipation for year two! Thrilled to have you along for the ride!

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