Welcome, welcome!  I apologize in advance for my over use of exclamation points, but this is a HUGE day for me!  Today is officially day one of Alex Meyer Events!!

I absolutely love weddings!  I love the personality and love story of a couple displayed in beautiful florals and creative details.  I love the sound of overwhelming cheers and applause when a couple enters their reception and the craziness of a full dance floor.  I love love stories, and I have a huge passion for helping couples start their lives together in a gorgeous, genuine way. 

I have been dreaming of starting my own wedding planning company for a long time, but my excuses and fears kept getting the best of me.  Some of them are legitimate nerves about finances and logistics, but most of them are lies about inadequacy and fears of public failure.  It can be so easy to rationalize away dreams!  But after countless conversations with my man, and lots and lots of prayer, I knew I couldn't hide from such a big piece of my heart anymore.  I have big fears, but I have bigger dreams!  

So, here it is!  Welcome to Alex Meyer Events!!  Over the next few weeks I'll be blogging about this dream of mine, my short and long term goals, what to expect from the AM Events blog, details of our wedding, and so much more! Be sure to follow AM Events on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook for more inspiration and behind the scenes goodness.

Friends, I am SO thrilled you are here!  Take a look around and let's chat!